John Jessiman

Resident Director

John Jessiman has thirty - three years of University teaching, three summers teaching with Val Cushing at the Alfred summer program and conducted many workshops throughout the U.S. He started wood firing in 1962 as a graduate student at Alfred with Ruth Gowdy MacKinley and in 1965 built his first wood fire kiln. John believes in sharing all his experiences and acquired knowledge. He meets regularly with the Cub Creek residents to examine firing results and for technical, historical and aesthetic discussions.

Ian Hazard-Bill ceramic artist


Ian Hazard Bill

Ian Hazard-Bill has always had a great love of the outdoors. The coastal mountains of Northern California have surrounded him since birth- which led to a lifelong reverence of the the mountainous scenery. The rocky coastline sculpted by the Pacific tides and the Granite Monoliths of the High Sierra’s have influenced his work over the years.

Ian was first introduced to ceramics in 2007 and continued his education during an apprenticeship for 3 months with Seth Cardew (Masia Albadas,Spain) in 2011. His apprenticeship inspired him to pursue a career as a ceramic artist and in 2016 he received a B.A. from Evergreen State College(Olympia, WA)- where he studied ceramics, food science, natural architecture, and business entrepreneurship. 2016-2017 Ian was an artist in residence at Cub Creek Foundation(Appomattox, VA) followed by a summer as the Studio Manager at the Sugar Maples Center for The Art (Maplecrest, NY). He returned to Cub Creek in fall 2017 as assistant to the resident director.